Viewpoint Route

Viewpoints are Nordeste’s visiting rooms. The high coastal lines, the sea and the imposing mountain made it possible to make Nordeste as one of the places with the most superb views on the island. Ponta da Madrugada and Ponta do Sossego, in the place of Pedreira, are mandatory visit sites in the municipality. Mountain and sea blend together here, surrounded by vast garden areas, where silence reigns and your eyes wander across the immensity of the landscape.
Between Pedreira and Vila do Nordeste, we offer another viewpoint: Vista dos Barcos sightseeing point, from where you can see the Arnel Lighthouse and the fishing port.
There are other viewpoints of equal beauty extending throughout the county. Most parishes offer sea views or the mountains, all of which are signed and highlighted along the Regional Road. In Algarvia, at the Vigia das Baleias viewpoint, the ceased whaling activity is referenced. There we find the reproduction of a lookout post and the sublime views of the coast and over the highest altitude on the island.
In the parish of Salga, the Salto da Farinha viewpoint overlooks a magnificent waterfall, with about 40 meters, and includes a pleasant picnic park. The proposed route is organized from east to west, and must be taken by following the Regional Road signs (see "Viewpoints").

Literary Tour

Along this tour you can visit several places of literary interest in Nordeste, with special emphasis on Casa João de Melo, that once belonged to the writer's family, as well as gardens and other beautiful places related to literary figures from Nordeste. At the end, enjoy the reading space on the library, where you will find the most important works by Nordeste's writers.

  1. The tour starts in Achadinha, at the old house of the writer João de Melo's family, where you can visit a small museum and thematic center.
  2. Go down the street called "Rua Direita" until you get to Achadinha's Church – Achadinha is the birthplace of both writers Adelaide Freitas and João de Melo.
  3. Visit Achada, stopping at the square alluding to the poet Virgílio Oliveira.
  4. Visit the church of São Pedro, the oldest in Nordeste, near which you can see the bust of Father Dinis da Luz, a great writer and journalist from this county.
  5. Pass by the municipal library, installed in an old elementary school building, where you can see a small exhibition center of old books.
  6. End the visit next to the house where Maria Mendonça was born, on Rua Jorge Maria Reis Machado, near which the Sete Arcos Bridge can be seen.

Poetic Tour

Nordeste has been the inspiration for several poets and writers who found their words here to describe a “world that is not from this kingdom”. Come here and challenge your writing. Discover the most inspiring places along this tour that begins with the sunrise and ends with the nocturnal singing of the "Cagarros" by the sea.

  1. Start the day watching the sunrise at Ponta da Madrugada.
  2. Go up to Pico Bartolomeu to see the island of Santa Maria and the Tronqueira mountain.
  3. Visit the Graminhais plateau and climb up to Pico da Vara.
  4. Have a picnic in the Liberal Park and rest watching the sea.
  5. Walk the path until Salto da Farinha waterfall.
  6. Watch the sunset at Borda da Ladeira sightseeing.
  7. Go to see the stars in Pelado Endemic Park.
  8. Hear the "Cagarros", see the moon and the light from the lighthouse at Ponta do Arnel.

Nordeste Geology Tour

(to be done by car with some trails on foot)

Geologically, Nordeste´s territory integrates the oldest volcanic forms on São Miguel Island: the Nordeste´s volcanic complex, which dates back to about 4 million years, and the northern slope of the Povoação´s volcano, a more recent one. Both volcanos are extinct. Covering these formations, in the highest places and least subject to erosion, there are pomitic pyroclasts from the neighbouring volcanic systems of the island. Morphologically, it´s possible to see that the tectonic accidents are restricted to coastal cliffs and straight-lined river valleys (probably fault line valleys), suggesting tectonic control by little active faults or no recent activity, with predominantly NNW-SSE and NE-SW directions. Geomorphologically, Nordeste is in the eastern part of the island, which corresponds to a mountainous area with deep erosion valleys and imposing cliffs. Over the millennia, the geological formations have disappeared and suffered changes with the intense tectonic and erosive actions, particularly with high energy events and colossal floods that created the dazzling valleys that can be seen all over Nordeste. While discovering where the islands geological past began, be dazzled by the natural Nordeste´s beauties and appreciate the geodiversity that it presents, and which works as a secret partner to support the local biodiversity.

  1. Lombo Gordo Beach
  2. Fajã do Araújo
  3. Pico Bartolomeu (879 meters of altitude)
  4. Boats sightseeing viewpoint
  5. Arnel lighthouse and fishing port (access through the fishing path)
  6. Fajã do Rodrigo
  7. Tronqueira Viewpoint
  8. Guilherme Streem
  9. Pelado Park
  10. Despe-te Que Suas Streem
  11. Graminhais plateau (approximately 900 meters of altitude)
  12. Pico da Vara (highest point on São Miguel island, with 1105 meters of altitude)
  13. Achada fishing port
  14. Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park
  15. Our Lords bridge
  16. Poço Azul
  17. Salto da Farinha viewpoint

For more information see here.

Script for Children

Nordeste offers several fun and educational spaces that will keep our smaller visitors busy and teach some curiosities in this part of the island. We have “Priolo” and “Sementinha”, both spaces are more directed towards the discovery of nature, and include other funny activities related to the local heritage, in addition to spaces to simply play and practise sport in the outdoors.

Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park

One of the mills from the park is adapted as a educational space for discovering the water mill, the millers, the animals that used to walk around the farm in past times, the birds, the vegetation and other attractions that are currently found there.

Address and schedules here

Casa João de Melo

At Casa João de Melo there is a children dedicated space, where they can learn interesting stories related to Achadinha, about the writer João de Melo and about the old local houseworks.

Address and schedules here

Centro de Divulgação Florestal

- Espaço Sementinha, the Guardian of the Azorean Forest.
Activities by appointment:
- Treasure hunt
- Peddy paper
- Let´s get to know the seeds
- Paper cycle
- Knowing the water cycle
- Know the aromatic and medicinal plants
- Learning how to build a herbarium
- Guided tours

Address and schedules here

Priolo Environmental Center

- Visit the “Casa do Priolo”
Activities by appointment or registration:
- Ciência Viva em Verão - Discovering the Laurissilva
- Ciência Viva em Verão - The Sounds of Birds
- Laurissilva Tour
- Tour Priolo

Address and schedules here

Reserva Florestal de Recreio da Cancela do Cinzeiro

- Physical exercise path (suitable for children)
- Grassy field area for soccer and volleyball
- Rustic golf (suitable for children)
- Playground
* Sports equipment is not provided

Address and schedules here

Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Viveiro do Nordeste

- Playground
- Birds exhibitor and Fallow Deer park
- Grass pitch for volleyball
- Equipment for physical maintenance (from 10 years old)
* Sports equipment is not provided

Address and schedules here

Campo de Voleibol e Futebol de Praia

It is located in the center of Vila do Nordeste and is a great option for the summer.
Adress: Largo do Jogo da Choca, Vila do Nordeste
Schedule: always open
Equipment: not available

Miradouro da Vigia das Baleias

In this space you can enjoy lunch and keep the youngest ones busy in the physical maintenance circuit. The area is associated with an old whale watch post, with a small reproduction of this old structure.

Address and schedules here


Throughout Nordeste you can find some playgrounds where children can play outdoors, located in the following addresses (geographical coordinates in the WGS84 system).

Achada: Rua do Ramal (37.8511817909311, -25.26579763039286)
Feteira Grande: Rua do Rocha (37.851027902081846, -25.250080040508532)
Algarvia: Rua do Atalho (37.846020883144185, -25.230151087298253)
Santo António de Nordestinho: Rua das Hortas (37.852157410279126, -25.209230757816876)
São Pedro de Nordestinho: Rua de São Pedro (37.850161411756, -25.197601351956497)
Lomba da Fazenda: Rua da Igreja (37.84358768135318, -25.160728682673508)
Lomba da Cruz de Cima: Rua Vale do Paiva (37.840722325952726, -25.157407139035378)
Vila de Nordeste: Estrada Regional da Tronqueira, Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Viveiro do Nordeste (37.82820034030535, -25.149164203090294)
Pedreira: Rua de Nossa Senhora da Luz (37.80559888745209, -25.143195052083577)
Cancela do Cinzeiro: Reserva Florestal de Recreio da Cancela do Cinzeiro (37.80050368952834, -25.164674326809504)

Achadinha tour

Cultural interests and heritage
To visit Achadinha is to walk through paths full of memories and traditions from the old times and to be able to learn about the history, monuments, houses and landscapes that backed-up the most different kind of experiences for its population. We suggest a walk through the trails, streets and paths of this town, along which you will find some of the most beautiful Nordeste’s landscapes. Starting at «Casa João de Melo», come and visit Achadinha and take with you the memories of an unforgettable tour.

  1. João de Melo’s House
  2. Evocative tile dedicated to the writer João de Melo
  3. Liberal Troops’ obelisk
  4. Alminhas landmark
  5. Natural bridge (geological interest)
  6. Poço Azul (small lake and waterfall)
  7. Occasional sand beach near Cachaço stream’s mouth
  8. Liberal Troops landing place
  9. Old water mill
  10. Pesqueiro viewpoint
  11. First Mission’s evocative tile
  12. Fountain on Rua Direita
  13. Houses on Rua Direita
  14. Paque dos Liberais – picnic area
  15. Achadinha’s Nativity Scene (only during the Christmas season)
  16. Parish Church (Nossa Senhora do Rosário)
  17. Bandstand
  18. Boavista garden
  19. School buildings
  20. Achadinha’s coat of arms

Other places to visit (we suggest that this part of the tour is done by car)

  1. "Treato" – Holy Spirit’s House
  2. Old ranger's house
  3. Stone bridge over Cachaço stream
  4. Oratory

For more information about this parish, visit Casa João de Melo.

Praça da República S/N
9630 - 141 Nordeste


Emergency: 112
Fire department: 296 488 111
Police: 296 480 112
Health Center: 296 480 090