Azores bullfinch - Pyrrhula Murina

Azores bullfinch - Pyrrhula Murina

It is an endemic species from the Azores that can only be found on the eastern mountainous region of São Miguel Island.
It is a small bird, with dimensions between 15 and 17 cm and weighing approximately 30 grams.
Its distinctive features are the head, tail and black wings in the adults, while in juveniles the head is brown.
The bar in the middle of the wings and the upper part of the tail are grayish. The Priolo’s call is unmistakable: a short, fluctuating and melancholy whistle. And there aren´t any differences between males and females.
During the summer it feeds in open areas and during the winter it remains in the native forest areas of higher altitude, depending on many native and endemic plant species.
Priolo is a species protected by the European Birds Directive and it is included in several lists of the most endangered animals both at national and international levels, which justifies the creation of the Special Protection Area (SPA) Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme (Natura 2000 network).
Priolo is one of the main symbols of Nordeste and it represents the achieved success by the work teams that, since 2003, have been committed to the preservation of their natural habitat.
To learn more about Priolo, its habitat and conservation work, visit the Priolo Environmental Center.

See Priolo Environmental Center and Tourist Activities.

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