Nordeste's Festivities

The municipal holiday festivities, starting on the closest weekend to the 18th of July, the date that marks the Nordeste’s municipality foundation (1514), are the largest ones from this county. These festivities are a reference in the summer’s cultural offer from the island of S. Miguel for the great concert nights with national and regional artists and for the uniqueness of the religious celebrations of the Matriz de São Jorge (Main church of São Jorge) that are associated with it.
In addition to the biggest parties in the county, from June to September, all parishes organize their religious celebrations turning Nordeste a quite festive county.

Holy Spirit's Celebrations

The Holy Spirit's Celebrations are held in May and can be extended up until June, depending on the year. This festival, common to all the islands of the Azores, maintains the ritual of Holy Spirit's soups (soup dish, accompanied by meats, bread and wine, served on the street and offered to the community). Do not miss this experience if you are here between May and June.
The popular saints of São João (June 24th) and São Pedro (June 29th) are also celebrated in some parishes.


To find out the exact dates of the festivities and to know the programs, consult the "Events" tab or stop by the tourist offices in the municipality and take a cultural agenda.

May and June

Holy Spirit's festivities in several parishes.

Sunday closest to June 13

Festivities of Santo António, in the parish of Santo António de Nordestinho.

June 24

Festivities of São João in some parishes.

June 29

Festivities of São Pedro, on the Sunday closest to the 29th of June, in the parish of São Pedro de Nordestinho.

1st Sunday of July

Festivities of N. S. da Luz, in Pedreira. Sometimes they take place on the 2nd Sunday of July

Weekend closest to July 18th

Nordeste's Festivities in Vila do Nordeste.

Next to last Sunday in July

Sant'Ana festivities, in the parish of Santana.

Last weekend of July

Festivities of N. S. do Amparo, in the parish of Algarvia.

1st Sunday of August

Festivities of the Immaculate Conception, in the parish of Lomba da Fazenda.

2nd Sunday in August

Festivities of N. S. da Anunciação, in the parish of Achada.

Next to last Sunday in August

Festivities of N. S. do Rosário, in the parish of Achadinha.

2nd Sunday in September

Festivities of São José, in the parish of Salga.


Month of Capão (typical dish)

During the month of November, on Sundays, the county's restaurants have the traditional “Capão” dish on the menu, typical of the cuisine of the Nordeste.
It is a special kind of chicken created to make the meat more tender and less gamy. It is a rooster which is castrated before reaching its sexual maturity and it is raised up until 1 and a half years old).
In another time, if you would like to taste this delicacy you must make a prior reservation at a local restaurant (see Where to Eat).

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