How to Reach

How to Reach

The municipality of Nordeste, as its name suggests, is located in the far east (north northeast) of São Miguel island. Enrichened by diverse mountains and streams, the municipality offers excellent conditions for those looking for doing tourism close to nature.

The municipality of Nordeste offers about 100 accommodation units (from a hotel to Rural Tourism Houses and local accommodations) so there is plenty to choose from for your stay here during your vacation. With the possibility of taking the expressway, to get from Ponta Delgada’s airport to Vila do Nordeste (main settlement of the municipality) it only takes 49 minutes by car (58.2 km).

Transport options
Car hire
At the airport itself or at the island’s rent-a-car (look at

Nordeste > Ponta Delgada
Bus station – Largo do Jogo da Choca
Vila do Nordeste

Monday to Friday - 6h45; 11h30; 16h15
Saturday - 6h45; 14h30
Sunday and Holidays - 6h45; 16h15

Ponta Delgada > Nordeste
Bus station – Avenida Infante D. Henrique

Monday to Friday - 6h45; 11h00; 16h15
Monday to Thursday up to Algarvia parish 18h15
Only on friday - 18h15
Saturday - 6h45; 16h15
Sunday and Thursday - 6h45; 16h15

Nordeste > Povoação (only on Tuesday and Wednesday)
7h45 - from the parish of Salga
Bus station: Regional Road
9h45 - from Vila do Nordeste
Bus station: Largo do Jogo da Choca
Povoação > Nordeste (only on Tuesday and Wednesday)
15h00 –from Vila da Povoação (Rua D. Maria II)

Caetano Raposo e Pereira
Monday: 8h30-12h00 – 13h00-17h30
Tuesday to Friday: 8h30-12h00 – 13h15-17h30
Tel: 296 304 260

Praça da República S/N
9630 - 141 Nordeste


Emergency: 112
Fire department: 296 488 111
Police: 296 480 112
Health Center: 296 480 090