European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Lands of Priolo

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism highlights territories that promote a type of tourism in balance with nature conservation and sustainability. The Lands of Priolo are the only Azorean territory with this distinction, since 2011, and it already involves in this process a significant number of local companies through the Priolo Brand. When you visit us you will be able to identify these committed companies by the brand they present at the entrance where you can read "O Priolo agradece" - Priolo thanks you.
The “Terras do Priolo” (which include the municipalities of Nordeste and Povoação), with almost half of their territory inserted in the Natural Park of the Island of São Miguel, owe their designation from the unique presence of Priolo and assures privileged places for a closer contact with the original nature of the Azores.
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Pico de Vara (São Miguel Island’s highest point with 1105m from sea level), always vigilant like a sentry guarding all this vast territory (see Walking Trails).


Pico do Bartolomeu (881m), a place of silence and contemplation, it is one of the few locations from Nordeste where you can see the neighboring island of Santa Maria (see Viewpoints).

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