Tourist Activities

Activities in nature

Pimentel Farm

Experience rural activities at Pimentel Farm. Be in contact with livestock, take a horseback riding through rural paths and take part of guided tours through the livestock exploration and its activities.

Rua Caminho Fundo 3, Pedreira

(+351) 962 397 508


Priolo Tour

Look for the true Azorean treasure on a distinguished tour. Visit the natural habitat of Priolo and learn about the conservation actions carried out for its preservation. You are contributing to the preservation of the priolo by joining in the tour.
The observation is carried out by the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves – SPEA) through the Priolo Environmental Center, which also provides visits to the native vegetation of the Azores (the Laurissilva).

Reserva Florestal de Recreio da Cancela do Cinzeiro, Pedreira

(+351) 918 536 123

Bird Watching

Priolo is the most overlooked species of birdwatchers who visit us, however, other several endemic subspecies of the Azores can also be observed, such as milhafre (common buzzard), tentilhão (chaffinch), lavandeira (grey wagtail), pombo-torcaz (common wood pigeon), canário-da-terra (atlantic canary), estrelinha-de-poupa (goldcrest) and estorninho-malhado (common starling). There are also important nesting colonies of cagarro (cory’s shearwater) and frulho (little shearwater).
You may find listed birdwatching companies at, including Gerby Birding, which also provides bird watching.


Nordeste has a wide variety of streams and some of them contain permanent flow. Ribeira dos Caldeirões (Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park) is one of the island's favorite locations for Canyoning. There are at least five touristic companies conducting their canyioning activities in this site. You may find a more updated companies listing at .
The same companies develop other activities in Nordeste, ranging from hiking to jeep tours, bicycle tours, climbing, slide and rappelling.

Azores Adventure Islands

(+351) 925 480 350 / (+351) 296 385 620

Azores Epic Adventures

(+351) 913 354 197 / (+351) 964 874 556

Picos de Aventura

(+351) 296 283 288 / (+351) 912 525 356

Azorean Active Blueberry

(+351) 914 822 682 / (+351) 919 139 205

Fun Activities

(+351) 967 451 256 / (+351) 916 675 833

Walking trails

Nordeste's Sports and Recreational Center

This center organizes pedestrian walks within the municipality of Nordeste between spring and late summer, on Saturdays. All participations are free and they only require a previous tours program registration in advance.
In addition to pedestrian walks, there are several other activities available such as bike rides, canyoning, rappel, slide, volleyball and beach football, athletics, sport fishing and motor sports. Follow the schedule of events at the addresses below.

(+351) 296 480 060 / (+351) 91 43 20 338


In Nordeste there are several Geocaches (about 20) distributed over sites of natural and heritage interest.
To find them, visit, entering the GC Code.

Kayak and boat trip

Clube Naval de Nordeste

Hosted by the Clube Naval do Nordeste (Nordeste Naval Club) in the fishing port of Vila do Nordeste during the summer.

Porto de Pescas, Caminho do Porto, Vila do Nordeste

(+351) 965 461 426 / (+351) 962 296 874


FUNtastic Azores

Offering other guiding services for walking tours, including private/tailored van tours, among other services.

(+351) 919 279 770

Carriage rides

Pérola Achadense

Route: Ribeira dos Caldeirões - Adro da Igreja viewpoint from Achada (including tasting of regional products).

(+351) 919 490 434

Epic Trail Run Azores

Nordeste is the starting point of the longest race of the EPIC TRAIL RUN AZORES, a competitive trial on trails that takes place on the island of São Miguel.
For those who enjoy this sport and wish to participate in this challenging trail running experience, this is a good opportunity to spend a few days on this side of the island and take part of it.
See more at

Praça da República S/N
9630 - 141 Nordeste


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