Lomba D’el Rei - PRC38 SMI

Walking Trails

Trail Information

Route: The trail starts next to the church of N.ª S.ª do Rosário. Walk around the church to its left side and after walking 300 meters take a turn to the left on a dirt track, then turn right to the slope of Moio de Baixo. Here you will climb a trail surrounded by vegetation composed mostly of Canas (Arundo donax), faia-da-terra (Morella faya) and urze (Erica azorica).
Once you arrive at one of the highest areas of this route, it is possible to enjoy a view of the Fenais da Ajuda parish to the west and the Achada parish to the east.
By continuing your walking, you will be passing through farmlands, until you find a detour on the left that begins to a descend until the stream mouth of Ribeira do Lenho. Along this descent, the predominant vegetation is composed of Australian Boxwood/Cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum), Ferns (Athyrium filix femina) and, along the river, Azorean Heather (Erica azorica).
Cross the watercourse and continue on an asphalt road, having the stream running on your right. Short after, at the end of a slight climb, the path continues to the right, where the Lenho and Caldeirões streams are located. Here you will be able to enjoy the ruins of a mill, near the base of one of the highest bridges of Nordeste highway.
From here, the trail leads through a forest of Cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), until you reach the top of Lomba D’El Rei. From here you should enter a paved path that will pass over the Nordeste highway. After crossing the highway, make a left turn by following a shortcut that passes the old Fonte Velha fountain and several water tanks that once served the locals.
Continue the walk along a dirt track that will take you to jardim da Eira Velha, now refered to as Rua Formosa, which goes down to the church where you started the trail.


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