Fajã do Araújo

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The municipal walking trail from Pedreira until Fajã do Araújo is not signposted but it's easy to walk along.

Route: The trail starts in Pedreira, next to Nossa Senhora da Luz church. You must follow the signs nearby that will lead you to the beginning of the walking path. Follow the trail, paying attention to the trail signs that you find along the path (although incomplete). Halfway through it you will cross a small stream (usually with little flow). From here you will continue to go down the path towards the sea. Along the trail you will see a magnificent view over the fajã, until you reach the first houses. You should follow the trail towards the parking lot, crossing it and going through a narrow path on the left, next to a house, and continue down until you find the mouth of Tosquiada stream. Take the opportunity to rest a bit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place before returning to the starting point of the route.

Alternative return: If you prefer to return by another route, you can go up the asphalt road, passing through the parking lot, and going up until you reach Estrada Regional. Once you arrive at Estrada Regional, you should turn right, towards Pedreira. Pass by the Ponta do Sossego viewpoint, where you can rest for a while. Go back to the road towards Pedreira until you get to the church, where you started the trail. You should pay attention to car traffic on Estrada Regional.

Suggestion: In the fajã, once you arrive at the mouth of Tosquiada stream, you can choose to cross the wooden bridge and walk the trail until Lombo Gordo beach (make sure you return by the same access). On rainy and windy days there may be some landslides on this trail. If so, you should not take the route.


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