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Route: The trail starts at Ribeira dos Caldeirões Park, where you can go upstream and see two beautiful waterfalls and the water channel that leads the water to the park's mills. Go through the park's interpretive circuit, visit the water mills and learn how they worked. Find out what rural life was like in Nordeste and discover what you can visit, while relaxing in an environment of unique beauty. Going downstream along the water course, just beneath the last mills, you can observe a century-old bridge built in stone on the west side of the path. Continue to go down along the stream, pass under the viaduct, follow the trail, and cross the water line. Observe the ruins of old water mills along the way.
The route continues towards the sea until you find the bathing area. From here, take the slope up by a narrow path that leads to the Quinta viewpoint, then follow Rua das Quintas until you find Rua da Igreja, where you will turn left and walk east to the church (enjoy the view from the churchyard).
Walk up Rua do Vigário, from where you can observe remarkable examples of traditional houses until you reach Largo Dr. Adolfo Martins Ferreira. Here, you will find a typical beautiful urban house from the transition period between the 19th and 20th centuries.
Follow Rua das Pedras, passing by the old public washrooms, go under SCUT (highway) and follow back upstream along the Ribeira dos Caldeirões stream, until you return to Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões.


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